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  "New car protection details in Hertforshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire, to include London, and  Milton Keynes"



Our ceramic coatings are cured under Infared lighting to ensure correct bonding. 


This service is for new vehicles. Unfortunately even new cars delivered to showrooms are characterised by many imperfections. During transport by road or rail the car external surfaces are exposed to a lot of damage and very basic factory protection does not secure them enough.

Very often before the sale of a new car the dealers offer their customers a “PAINT PROTECTION SYSTEM”. This treatment
 is performed by valeters (On the site) who frequently use poor products with minimum knowledge of how to properly take care and prepare your car to go on the road.

For customers who want to receive the highest quality of preparation and protection to their cherished vehicle with the use of the best products on the market I would recommend this treatment along with regular maintenance and care for the best appearance of your car after

Unique Details New Car Preparation and Protection Detail is a service designed for new cars. We class a new car as new with less than 500 miles on the clock, if you vehicle has exceeded this mileage then additional charges could apply.

For customers whose car has recently left the showroom, I recommend you take this treatment as soon as possible.
The 31 stages will include:

  • Wash wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned with warm citrus degreaser
  • Foaming wash procedure
  • The vehicle is cleaned using natural lamb’s wool wash mitts in the system of 3 buckets with neutral ph and high quality shampoo
  • Full paintwork decontamination
  • Paintwork decontamination with clay to remove bonded contamination
  • The vehicle is re-washed  show car shampoo and rinsed off.
  • The vehicle is dried of by hand using luxurious drying towels
  • All wheels are cleaned with acid free wheel cleaner and with selected brushes made of horsehair
  • The paintwork and all shuts are cleaned using pre – wax cleaner to aid wax bonding
  • Swissvax carnauba wax or professional paint sealant is applied to all painted surfaces
  • Carnauba wheel wax enhanced with PTFE is applied to all wheels
  • All chrome and stainless trim are cleaned and polished including exhaust tips
  • Exterior plastic and tyres are cleaned and conditioned
  • Doors seals and rubbers treated
  • Interior is detailed the leather is conditioned
  • All the internal and external windows and mirrors are cleaned and polished
  • High quality rain and water repellent is applied to all the external windows and mirrors if required.
  • Interior is fully cleaned all seats & carpets are fabric protected/Leather is conditioned & protected.

From small cars £250 | Medium cars £350 | Large £400  Mpvs & 4x4 - £450 (1 - 2 full days bookings)

If you wish to upgrade too Ceramic and Glass coating please see below for additional prices.

Siramik SC-HR Heat Resistant Coating 2 part System upto 3 years durability £275

C.Quartz Finest Reserve with 3 years durability £325

Please note the above products are in addition to the standard new car protection Cost,and the vehicle is required for 3 days for curing purposes.


Additional prices occur for the following products as they take longer,All work must be carried out in a closed workshop that is dust free and allow me to control the working environment. Infrared heaters are used to cure our products during winter months


 We are Authorized by Car Pro to apply C.quartz finest and Polishangel To apply their Products

C.Quartz Finest From £250 : These prices are added to your standard Protection Detail price.

PolishAngel.. Master sealant    Durability up to 6-12 months.  £50

PolishAngel..Viking Shield      Durability 9-12 months      £70


C.Quartz Finest

The best, most powerful coat, the Finest in car paint protection!

CQUARTZ FINEST is embellished formula coat of CQUARTZ coat.

Using stronger condensed nano particles with better cross linking between each other.

With new secret nano material used in making “3D” structure (see Diagram), for becoming very tough nano structure,

One group(O+Si+O) link to another group by a special cross linker Agent which produce cellulose dense joint nano 3D structure coat , giving a permanent layer protection.

CQUARTZ FINEST is harder, thicker, with less water drops left on surface (sliding angle) and glossier than Cquartz.

Anti Fouling effect : Low sliding angle ensure less droplets left on surface , less droplets =less possible water marks.

Up to 30% more effect mentioned here.  CQUARTZ FINEST will give more anti scratch protection on car paint surface ( extra increase hardness up to 2H*) with same easy application way.

*- Vary on paint surface hardness.

CQUARTZ FINEST can be applied on any kind of surface and layered as well.


Water contact angle 100~110°  -  Sliding angle 15~25° -  Thickness  2~3µm -  Heat resistance >300°C  - Increase hardness  up to 2H**

**- depend on surface hardness


CQUARTZ FINEST achieve amazing increase Mohs hardness up to 2H, unleash the amazing protection Anti scratch effect!  It has a very high durability compared with any general protective coating, retaining the high super gloss coat.

 * Mohs hardness: German scientist Friedrich Mohs created Comparison of hardness rules, from the softest to the hardest level divided into grade 1-10.

If Cquartz is what you need, CQUARTZ FINEST is what you want!


CQUARTZ FINEST application is the same as Cquartz user guide,

Some guide lines to apply it:

  1. Remove tar spots, iron spots from all car surface using TarX and IronX. Clay the car if needed.
  2. Wash the car thoroughly in a very detailed wash. Using IronX Snow Soap. Rinse well.
  3. Polish car surface to best high standards using Fixer 1Step Polish.
  4. Remove polish&oil residue using Eraser and inspect the paint. Dry well the car using air pressure gun.
  5. Apply CQUARTZ FINEST to the car surface using the kit components:

Please test the FINEST first on small spot to check cure time !! don't start before doing that.
Cure time before wipe off between 10 to 20 min at 30~10°C respectively. (vary on humidity as well) , wipe off  GENTLEY using the 40cm2 suede MF supplied, surface should feel dry feeling while wiping.
NOTICE ! :  On single stage paint Finest react even faster. once applied please wipe off in 30 seconds maximum with the Suede MF.

Touch dry in 1 hour, full hardness time with no rain 24h.(average 20~30°C ,at 60% humidity)

Full hardness time without baking at less than 15°C : 7 days.

We strongly recommend applying 2~3 layers , maximum waiting time between layers 20~30 min. not more ! Or wait 2 hours after first layer dried for best applying second one. (no "sweating" on the surface while applied second layer).
We Recommend IR heater lights for fast drying the FINEST coat after all layers applied ! 

Recommended face and hand protection while using. Work in ventilated area.

Precautions & Maintenance:

Water spots and rain drops must wiped off during dry time process, the chloride or minerals in water may cause white dots on car paint.

Avoid washing your car in automatic car washes.   The water beading effect of coating will not damage by car washing machines. However, if the auto carwash bristles are dirty and too sharp, it may cause tiny scratches, especially dark color cars. We suggest hand washing.

Important Notice! - Washing with high Alkali cleaner (> 12 pH) more then 5 min on car surface might affect the coat !

Lamborghini Spyder Under infared Heat Lamps
 Maserati Gibli Curing Stages

C.Quartz UK Cars Below.

 Our Latest Feed back On C.Quartz Finest,

Hi Andy,
Sorry it's taken a while keep forgetting to email you! But I just wanted to say 
thank you for doing the paint protection on my Focus ST it really does make it 
easier to clean and stays clean for longer I would Definitely recommend you to 
anyone and have followed your recommendations regards cleaning which has helped 
keep the paint work swirl free.
Hope you are all well 
Regards Neil  




This details offers protection for your vehicles exterior including wheels, glass and paintwork,we offer various protection methods using a different variety of waxes and sealants this way there is a budget that suits everyone with our winter protection.

Protect your investment from every thing this winter will throw at your cars paintwork.

Prices From £150.00


Call for Details.

Unique Detail has built its business on its clients recommendations and intends to keep it that way by ensuring each and every vehicle is of the highest standard and surpasses its clients expectations 

We have clients who travel to us for Detailing as far as France, London, Radlet, Slough, Farnborough, Reading, Aldershot Guilford and Oxford. and to the North and east of us Norwich, Peterborough and Great Yarmouth with many more to mention.

Detailing World Professional Suporter



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click here :Unique Detail. Testimonials.

 Hi Andy,

Thanks once again for the amazing results and the work you performed on my Porsche, you have managed to make a seven year old car look bran new again.

I appreciate the time that has gone into the paintwork and the challenge you was up against but the results are breath taking also the calipers which made a massive impact and finished the job off perfectly.

I will see you next year.

Steven Oakes.

Custom Caliper & Engine bay Painting

.Ford Mustang Custom painted Engine Covers.












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